Major Deities Edit

Name Alignment Title Symbol Favored Weapon Areas of Concern Domains
Eteus LG The Lord of the God Realm A shield wreathed in holly Longspear Families, Government, Cities, Countries Good, Law, Community, Protection, Nobility
Othar NG The Giving God An open hand Quarterstaff Medicine, Healing, Charity Good, Healing, Community, Knowledge, Repose
Tumes CG The Drunken God A chalice wrapped in a rose Rapier Partying, Happiness,  Alcohol Good, Chaos, Plant, Charm, Luck
Umera LN The Great Scholar An open book Quarterstaff Magic, Scholars, Academia Knowledge, Magic, Rune, Destruciton, Law
Omis N The Guide of Souls A gravestone w/ a wisp Heavy Mace Death, Tombs, Burial Death, Repose, Earth, Artifice, Knowledge
Birnus CN The Great Warrior Two hands grasping a sword hilt Greatsword War, Battle, Strength Chaos, War, Strength, Glory, Destruction
Qakeus LE The Devil King An eye center on a page Sword Cane Contracts, Tyranny, Plotting, Control Law, Evil, Nobility, Trickery, Fire
Uldir NE The Bringer of Decay An apple that becomes a skulll Scythe Disease, Plague, Decay Evil, Death, Plant, Magic, Air
Sulorr CE The Fallen Warrior An axe head dripping blood Greataxe Murder, Slaughter, Killing Chaos, War, Destruction, Evil, Death
Nemes LG The Champion of Good A helmet over crossed swords Longsword Glory, Bravery, Courage Law, Good, Glory, War, Healing
Ovdin NG The Cloaked Traveler Hooded humanoid figure Light Hammer Nomads, Travel, Winds Air, Sun, Travel, Good, Weather
Yffi CG The Spirit of Freedom Breaking Manacles Longbow Freedom, Individuality, Expression Good, Chaos, Community, Liberation, Protection
Beva LN The Great Merchant Scales with coins and sack Dagger Merchants, Money, Trade Law, Knowledge, Travel, Protection, Nobility
Eulla N The Spirit of Nature Pine tree Club The Wilds, Plants, Weather Air, Weather, Animal, Plant, Earth
Aena CN The Singing Goddess Music Notes Whip Lust, Music, Dancing Chaos, Trickery, Luck, Charm, Liberation
Xaldon LE The Shrouded One Seven pointed circle of spikes Starknife Darkness, Pain, Torture, Loss Law, Evil, Darkness, Madness, Death 
Dalvin CE The Father of Monsters Toothy mouth Ranseur Monsters, Wrath, Disaster Chaos, Evil, Animal, Destruction, Strength
Yigith NE The Mad Dragon Claw in front of flames Short Sword Insanity, Flames, Destruction Fire, Evil, Madness, Destruction, Strength
Imir N The Sea's Fury Rolling wave Trident Oceans, Waters, Ships Weather, Air, Water, Destruciton, Travel
Sepna NG The Lightbringer Quarter circle sun shining rays Morningstar Sun, Light, Warmth Good, Sun, Fire, Glory, Magic
Itaos NE The Keeper of Secrets Sealed envelope Dagger Poison, Greed, Secrets Evil, Trickery, Death, Knowledge, Charm
Cubereous LN The Forgefather Hammer on anvil Warhammer Forges, Weapons, Architecture Law, Artifice, Earth, Protection, Rune
Uher CN The Gloryseeker Cletched fist holding ribbon Battleaxe Mercenaries, Gladiators, Atheletes, Competition Chaos, Glory, War, Strength, Luck

Minor Deities: Edit

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